Network disconnection after 1 Minute 30 Seconds


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Hi folks,
hope someone out there can help me :lease:

My PC is connected to a BT HomeHub via an Ethernet Connection (Ethernet port 1 on the Homehub). Ethernet port 2 on the homehub is connected to a home plug. Another home plug downstairs is connected to a Netgear GS605 Gigabit Ethernet switch. Connected to this is a Pioneer VSX-LX70 receiver and also a Pioneer BDP-LX70A blu ray.

The receiver can access my MP3's without a problem and also stream internet radio stations. The problem I have is when trying to stream to the blu ray player. I can access my media library fine, but whether I am trying to stream video, music or photos, the connection breaks down after roughly 90 seconds.

I have examined the event viewer system logs and see the following error message:-

"The Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service cannot process the request for URI '' from IP address '' due to error '0xc00d1910'."

I have tried disabling the firewalls in the HomeHub, the Windows Firewall and my Norton firewall - all without success. I have searched on the 0xc00d1910 error message without any real success. The blu ray and the receiver have been permitted to share in Media Player and the WMPNetworkSvc service is running.

Can anyone shed some light on what is going on :lease:

Thanks in advance,



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Let's start with getting the basics right. Leave the HH's firewall on but remove one of the firewalls on your PC. You should not run two firewalls on a PC as it will cause conflicts.

Next have you looked up the error on the MS web site? I have found it to be extremely helpful in the past.


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This section describes issues with WMP Sharing that may affect interoperability with network devices.
  • WMP Sharing may respond with an incorrect “WMDRM-ND-Status” when a device registration has expired and the device must be re-registered. WMP Sharing should respond with “107 Must Register,” but may respond with “104 Transmitter Failure.” The associated error code (as shown in the system event log) for the “104 Transmitter Failure” error message is 0xc00d1910. If error code 0xc00d27e2 is observed with a “104 Transmitter Failure,” the correct error should be “107 Must Register.”


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Thanks Boon, feel free to say I'm slow on the uptake, from what I can see from that article is that I may get an incorrect error message. But I'm still struggling to understand how I can avoid this problem. I've downloaded a hotfix for WMP which was in that article, but it had no effect :(

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