Network audio delay still, with PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II


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I posted not too long ago about my new Audiolab 6000N and the fact it takes 4 seconds for a track to start playing when I start a track, seek through a track or randomly pick a track. It was fine though when starting a new track after the one currently playing.

Turned out it was part of the DTS Play Fi system really and nothing to be done about it. Hence, it is going back as being useless to me.

Now I have managed to secure a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC with Ethernet / Network Bridge card.

So I had some trouble with this too. I am still getting the 4 second delay, weirdly! I am also experiencing the music dropping after 5 seconds every time. Following on from something Cebolla advised me to do with Foobar, my favourite, I amended the output on the upnp part of Foobar settings to WAV as default. This has stopped the issue of the music stopping altogether so that's great.

However, I still have the issue of the delay in the track starting. The only other experience I have with this type of thing is my SoTM SMS 200, which I am looking to replace possibly. This unit never has an issue. I put it into MPD/DLNA mode and it starts and stops and seeks immediately. So does anyone have any ideas as to why I am getting this delay with the PS Audio? Is it because it's upnp whereas the SMS 200 is DLNA/MPD? I really am lost. I have messed about with buffer sizes with no difference.

The PerfectWave sounds extremely good and if I can get this delay removed, or even shortened a bit, it would be amazing.

I'm only guessing here but could the issue be Foobar? Or these types of players? I have tried MusicBee with the same delay. I am curious whether me using Bubble or some other software and controlling via mobile would improve the delay? I don't understand the differences between the 2 methods well enough to know and would rather not spend days trying it out just to have the same delay, that has been the result of everything else I have tried to date lol.

Just seems really odd that out of the three streaming devices that I have tried, 2 have a delay.

I don't have a complex system. PC with HD full of FLAC -> Virgin router -> SMS (-> DAC)/PS Audio -> integrated amp.

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