Netork Storage for PC, PS3 and PS2


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I have just got a PS3 and am now looking at how I can share my media between it, my laptop, and PS2. There are so many different NAS devices out there that I'm getting a bit confused with what my best option is. I've narrowed it down to the following 3:
- NSLU2 with some USB hardrives attached (easily expandable, not sure about energy efficiency)
- Netgear SC-101 (quiet, reasonably cheap as already have a HDD lieing spare, limited to a max of two HDDs)
- Synology CS407 (my blow the budget option, pricey, but should sort me for a long long time, reasonably energy efficient, lots of useful features)

As you may have noticed I want my solution to be reasonably energy efficient and quiet. Storage wise i can't see myself needing more than 1TB any time soon, as most of the stuff I plan to keep on it will be my music and a few movies that i watch regularly - the rest will be kept on its original disk or backed up to CD/DVD.

Has anyone had any experience with these? Is there anything I should consider (e.g. failure rates, energy efficiency, other features that I havent mentinoed here)? Any new models out that I havent heard of?

Many thanks in advance,



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Couldnt tell you, although I suspect it's a lot better than the Netgear SC101, which I also owned and sold due it not being functional enough. It also got very hot in comparision to my latest QNAP. Both 2 bay devices.


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are the download programmes they use any good? and more importantly are they safe or is it going to get filled up with a load of trojans if i use it (currently my firewall works its behind off on my laptop). Is their ip filter a list that i can adjust manually? Im not a huge downloader just dont suddenly want my data and server to be corrupted or something

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