Netgear WGR 614 Wireless router any good?

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I need to order a new wireless router as a thunderstorm broke my last one. :mad:

Was looking at the Netgear WGR614.
I am on Telewest 4MB cable line and I want to makesure it works ok Xbox Live ok.
Does anyone have any experience with it?

(the previous router I had is no longer made)


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Not what you want to here now that you have bought one but I got an email from telewest a few weeks ago claiming that all their customers were entitled to a free wireless pack if they agreed to be a customer for another year. I am more than happy with my blueyonder so naturally I agreed. 2 days later a box arrived with a wireless router and a wireless PCMCI card for my laptop. The router is a Netgear WGR614.

In a way this is good news as it shows that what you have bought is probably the ideal router for your broadband as it is the one telewest use with it. But obviously its slightly bitter sweet as it also means youve paid for it when you could have got it free >.<

Droogie 2001

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Thats alright as I have not had any such message from them. They do keep phoning asking me to sign up to TV packages which are cheap for a while then go up. I keep mentioning that my Freeview offers all but one channel that they are offering.
All I want from them is to upgrade the speed of my line!:D

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