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Noob alert!

I have a Netgear DG834G v2. I'm on TalkTalk broadband. I have a PS3. Computer upstairs - PS3 downstairs.

Would someone give me an idiot guide on how to get the PS3 wirless? I've wired the router up correctly but typing gets me nowhere. I've not even tried linking the PS3 in - how do you do that?



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connect to the router using a cable to start with on

then goto the wireless settings page and make sure the radio is switched on

change the network name (SSID) to something easy you can recognise

enable encryption - WPA preferably, 128bit WEP if it dosent support it (might be worth upgrading the firmware first on the router)

type in an encryption key thats easy for you to remember:

WPA - 8 character passphrase
128 bit WEP - 13 character

click on apply in the router page

log out of router

goto PS3 menu, make sure wireless is switched on and put the SSID/passphrase in there - sorry I dont have any more detail as I dont have a PS3


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If don't get you anywhere, you might want to hit the RESET button (with a pin), while its on. That will reset the IP of the router.



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Forgot to say that the talktalk broadband modem only has three sockets on it - ADSL, Ethernet and USB. I think I'm stuffed - unless someone knows how I can wire the Netgear router into this set up.

Thanks t72boogie and cause-of-chaos. I need help with the actual physical ADSL, ethernet etc connections too - should have been more specific, sorry.


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If the Netgear router has a built-in ADSL modem replace the Talk Talk modem with it. In other words plug it into the ADSL socket on your filter instead of the talk talk modem.

If the Netgear router does NOT have a built-in ADSL modem. Plug it into the Talk talk Modem with the supplied Ethernet cable. It has to go in the Upstream Ethernet port on the Netgear box.

In either case plug a PC's Ethernet port into one of the Downstream Ethernet ports on the Netgear router, open a browser on the PC and key

How so far?


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That router has a built in modem.

so basically:

1. Phone line into router
2. PC connect via cat 5 lead to spare port on router
3. On main PC log into router as instructions above

If you are not getting an IP address from the router then check your network connection settings in Windows are set to DHCP enabled

How long have you had this router? does it actually work for internet access etc?

you can get the installation guide and manual for the router here - which should help :)
once you can get into it, then yo may want to check and upgrade the firmware if required


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Thanks for all your help guys - now up an running. Turns out I had a faulty ethernet cable - figures:rolleyes:.

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