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Reviewed by Greg Hook, 15th February 2013. The main use of the Powerline Music Extender is to stream music to devices you previously thought impossible, or at the very least a major hassle, which it does and a lot more, with minimal effort from the user. Bringing that old Hi-Fi you relegated into a corner due to lack of connections, back into the modern age!
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i quite like the look of these

would i be able to use through my TV?

i currently only use my TV for music etc as i have my 2.1 speakers plugged into the TV

could i in theory run the USB to phone into the phono on the back of my TV, then stream music from my MBPro?


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On most TVs the phono sockets on the back of the TV are for sound out rather than sound in.

You will probably need to use one of the SCART connectors on the TV with an adapter or suitable cable.


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It would have been nice if we knew the objective qualities like the compression used (if used), the bandwidth and the S/N ratio of the signal chain. It is an audio device after all and this is the A(dio)VForum.
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I cannot find any android application which can see and control the device. Tried also Twoonky Beam but without success. Like device don`t even exists.

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