Netgear Modem Router Replacement....


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My Netgear DG834GT from Sky is getting a bit long in the tooth now, and so i'd like to replace it. I have read lots of different reviews and there are a lot of conflicting ones..... no change there!

The Draytek Vigour would be nice but I can't afford one, so I was contemplating buying the Netgear WNDR3700 or DGND3700 but have seen bad reviews about its reliability and dropping ADSL connections...

This is my set up:

BB: Sky Unlimited ADSL upto 20Mb (think its std ADSL... correct me if i'm wrong) over the BT line.

My Needs for now are,

Hard wired for: TV, WII, PS3 or XBOX (just one though....), Blu-ray Player

WIFI for: IPAD 2, Laptops X 2, Iphone, HTC Phone, PC

I just want a router that is reliable, has Gigabit LAN and a Dececnt Firewall. for upto £150. oh and simple to setup...

Any suggestions for or experiences of a Wireless Modem router upto £150 would be greatly appreiciated??



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Bought the DGND3700 last month and i was a bit dubious at first because of the reviews regarding the broadband dropping out.

Installed mine straight away and it is pretty simple to get everything sorted. You can use the wizard that appears when you got to the web interface of it, or you can cancel that and setup everything manually (Might be a bit daunting as there is a lot of options to be able to choose from)

As for the dropping out, mine has been as solid as a rock! i'm with o2 and get around a 5mb connection and i haven't had any issues.

From what i've read, as long as using ADSL2+ for you connection and it is more than 1mb you should be fine. if Sky aren't using ADSL2+ (doubtful) i would look elsewhere,

Also has dual band wifi so you ipad2 can connect to the 5ghz signal that instead for the normal 2.4mghz connection.

This is the first router i've had with gigabit ethernet and i have both my PC and Qnap nas connected up to it and transfer speeds are nice and speedy.

Bought mine from amazon as they seemed the cheapest.

Good Luck



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Phoned Sky last night to confirm what ADSL spec was coming into the house and they say its ADSL2+. so maybe the Netgear WNDR3700 or DGND3700 is worth a try.


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The WNDR3700 does not have an integrated ADSL modem so you'd have to use your existing router or buy a separate modem.

The DGND3700 is an all in one device I have this and it is great, the wireless throughput is the fastest I have seen from an all in one device.
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