Netgear EVA 9150 not copying


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Hi all,

I have done a search and it would seem that I have purchased a problemativc machine, but I will make it work as I'm stubborn!

I have no idea about technical babble, I just need layman's terms please!

I bought the netgear so basically I can take all my music, photos and movies from my laptop and store them on this device which I can then use to watch through my plasma.

It's all set up, save for a few technical issues at the moment, but that's another thread.

However, before I got a new amp, I had this working but all it would do is stream from the laptop, the moment I shut the laptop down, there is nothing on it.

What I want to do is take my 400+ dvds, burn them onto the laptop (using AnyDVD) and then transfer them across to the Netgear, delete them off the laptop and get rid of the dvds.

I can burn them onto the latop, I can then view them on the laptop. I can also view them on the tv through the Netgear, but when I try and copy anything to the Netgear from the pc, it just won't do it.

I'm sure this is down to settings, but I can't for the life of me with my lilttle brain, work out how to resolve this??

Any help would be great, lest I shall go insane!!!



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