Netgear DNG2000 throughput question.


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Can anyone give me the real world throughput(is that the right word?) figures I can expect to get in Mbytes in b/g mode and then n mode wireless please.

The reason I ask is that I've picked one up second hand and in testing it seems a tad slow in b/g mode compared to my old 3com office connect router. Also I was expecting N to be faster than what I'm seeing.

Many thanks in advance


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if you have an 802.11n adapter and perfect connection, with no interference, you may get 90-100Mbps of throughput out of the latest N chipsets

thats about 10-12 MB/s (MegaBytes)

in the real world, 1-2 rooms away, with some interference thrown in, if you get 1/2 that, I wouldnt worry about it

802.11n has some "gotchas" that will cripple performance if you are not careful;

WMM must be on, both the router and adapter

Use WPA2 encryption, not WPA or WEP (use mixed mode WPA2+WPA is not too bad)

give that a go and see what you get - do a copy n paste in Windows, 1/2 dozen times and take the average, use a big file like a CD image for copying

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