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Netgear DGN1000


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Hello all

I have just spoken to my ISP (Firefly) about switching from my current 1MB broadband package to a higher speed package at around 7MB.

I am wanting to stream HD and SD movies, music etc from my Windows 7 PC upstairs to my HD ready TV downstairs. We are also going to buy a couple of ipod touches. I bought my PC from Chillblast in January and it has a bluray drive and a 300Mbps 802.11n wireless adaptor.

I currently have a wired Hitachi AH4051 modem and my ISP has said they could provide me with a Netgear DGN1000 preconfigured with my log in details for £60 , but I would still need to configure my wifi details, as I am not technically savvy with modern kit!

I am tied in with my ISP until the end of January. The basic up to 8meg package would include 5GB data transfer.

My question is the DGN1000 capable enough for what I want, or could I do better? Is 5GB enough or would it be better to go for their more expensive 30GB package?

How easy is it to configure a wireless modem router?

Thanks for any input!


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internet speed doesnt effect the speed of your local network.........most devices operate at fast ethernt speeds (100Mbits).......

a wired connection is best/essential for HD stuff, so home plugs are an option....

are you wanting to put a bluray into your pc and then stream the video across the network......?

thats a bit different than accessing a video file from a DLNA device.......

the router would be sufficient, to move information around at least, but as i say HD content over the air is dodgy......

and most routers are for the most part plug and play..........

what TV is upstairs, and is it DLNA certified.............


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Hi themediaman

Thanks for the reply. I have read numerous posts and find myself very confused with the whole wired or wireless connection business.

Yes, I would want to put bluray discs into my pc in the upstairs office, which has a Benq G2220HD monitor and stream it to my Sony Bravia KDL-32L-4000 TV which is downstairs in the lounge.

I would also want to stream any media that I have downloaded onto my pc to the tv or online stuff like iplayer.

One important factor is that we would like to download HD content and stream that to our TV.

DLNA is something else I'm unfamiliar with !!! I don't think the TV is DLNA certified, but I'm sure more learned people here can tell me. Not even sure what DLNA certified means!

The other equipment I currently own which are linked to the TV downstairs are:

Sony RDR-HXD995 dvd recorder and Humax Foxsat-HDR (500GB)

As I say in my first post we are also looking at buying a pair of ipod touches.

There is just me and the missus here so one may be streaming say a HD movie whilst the other is on the ipod at the same time.



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I am no expert..........

But playing a disc in a drive and then getting the output of that disc from the screen would need and HDMI cable coming out and theoretically all the way to your TV downstairs, but that wont work......so if there is a way to convert that HDMI output from the upstairs monitor, both audio and video, and get it into a network cable, through your houses electrical wiring with home plugs, then out into a router, then from there into the TV........but I couldn't confirm this would be possible...........

However, if you copied the HD film off the disc and encoded it into a single MKV file, that file could be shared over the network with windows media player sharing center or some other 3rd part software, again, you would need to plug the upstairs PC into a home plug with the network cable, then out into the downstairs home plug which is plugged into the router.....the router would then share your media, whether it be HD, SD, pictures or music, wired or wirelessly to the devices in the room or within the range of the wireless router..........

Getting these HD files playing on your TV will only work if the TV can play MKV, if not you may need to encode them with a different codec for playback, also using this 'ripping' method presents another problem........storage.......BR rips are big, and would soon take up precious HDD space................that's why most people now use NAS devices, which are basically boxes with large SATA drives in them which get plugged into the network...........but you could also use external HDDs with the PC upstairs............

DLNA, which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance is simply a standard which allows devices to communicate over the network, your PC can communicate this way, so can a NAS device, these both have a DLNA server function o them, your TV, if it is DNLA capable will have client software on it that can scan for servers and access the files.............if it doesn't, then you will need a dedicated media player that has DNLA like a PS3 or preferably and for less cost a WDTV Live..........
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The basic up to 8meg package would include 5GB data transfer.

If you mean 5GB download allowance per month then that is not enough.
A film downloaded in HD can be between 4 and 8 GB (even more in some cases). That 5GB would allow one film per month.


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If you mean 5GB download allowance per month then that is not enough.
A film downloaded in HD can be between 4 and 8 GB (even more in some cases). That 5GB would allow one film per month.

This point is valid, if you were planning to download a lot of your stuff................if the majority of it was downloaded, you could simply share the files over the network as described before, much easier than trying to get the video and audio from a bluray drive to another display..........

An unlimited broadband package is a must in this case..........


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Thanks for all the posts. I agree that it would be better for me in the long run, to go for an unlimited package.

I currently have a 1TB Seagate external hard drive, which I used to transfer my files from my old pc to my current one. I also use it to backup my pc. Could I plug this into my Humax, and play video files? Would I need to format it?If so would I lose my back ups, and could I still back up my pc to it?

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