Netgear DG834G wireless bridge?


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I have just moved into some student flats and have brought my netgear dg834g router with me. The internet provider i use is called 'ask4' and they have put a network round the building then i guess we all share the internet connection. I just plug in an ethernet cable from the wall straight into my laptop at the moment so there is no dialing up or anything.

The problem is that i want to have a wireless connection aswell but when i rang up ask4 they said that they do not permit routers on the network at all and i could risk having my internet cut off so i would like to know if it is possible to use the netgear router as just a wireless bridge/access point and not use any of the routing side of things at all.

They took the mac address of my laptop and ps3 and say that they dont allow routers because it brings in ip conflictions if set up wrong.

So basically what i want to know is

Can the Netgear DG834G be used just as a wiresless bridge/access point and not use any routing ability at all?

Any help or answers would be appreciated. The router is version 3 if this makes any difference.

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According to Netgear this is NOT supported, but with a bit of fiddling apparently it can be made to work

Form the Netgear forums I have found the information below

The DG834G will need to be given a fixed IP address (apparently it cannot receive an DHCP IP address from the ask4 router)
You will need to take a guess at an IP address that you can use, as I assume that you cannot access the ask4 router to see what the DHCP address range is
You cannot use an IP address within the ask4 DHCP range because of possible conflicts
e.g. ask4 router DHCP range to, set DG834G to

Turn off DHCP on the DG834G

Setup Wireless on DG834G

As I said, all of the above is from the Netgear forum, so I cannot say whether it will work or not

The DG834G may not allow the ask4 DHCP assigned IP addresses to pass-through to your PC/Laptop

Good luck
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They took the mac address of my laptop and ps3 and say that they dont allow routers because it brings in ip conflictions if set up wrong.

I suspect that they have done this so that by using 'MAC Address Filtering' they can deny access to any device not on their list of 'Trusted' MAC Addresses.

Therefore any device that plugs in to their service will need to have one of those addresses. (In addition to geting a correct IP Address.)

However MAC addresses come in two forms: Universally Administered Address (UAA) and Locally Administered Address (LAA). The former is 'burned in' to hardware by the manufacturer but the latter can be entered by a user.

So any device like a Wireless Access Point that you connect will need to support LAAs. So that you casn spoof the system by using one of ther MACs of one ot your eisting devices.


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ahh right. im not too sure how they do the mac address but i will try and have a look at the router specs to see if it supports LAA's


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I'm afraid there is no option to change the MAC address on the DG834G

I have a version 3 and 4, and both do not allow this

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