Netgear D6300 to replace my BT HH3


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I've had BT Infinity option 2 and their Homehub 3 for about a year now and lately I've experienced quite a few dropouts to all devices in the home via wi-fi which can only be resolved by resetting the HH3 by a mains reboot or the reset button on it...I'm not too sure but I suspect it's on it's way out and reading around the web most of the BT Homehubs don't have a good reputation.

When I first got the BT fibre installed my estimated max speed my line could support was 70mbs but on the day of installation the BT engineer only managed to get it to sync reliably at around 50Mbs and it was at this speed for around the 1st week where it then dropped to around 30Mbs and has hovered around that ever was the same with a wired ethernet connection to rule out the wi-fi.

I've just ordered a Netgear D6300 router from Amazon which I'll plug in to the BT Fibre modem. It's dual band (I believe the HH3 is single band) with the newish "a/c" wi-fi protocol and although none of our gear in the house...Apple MacBook Pro with Retina, MacBook Air (2011 model, not the latest), a 1 yr old Samsung windows 8 laptop, 2 - iPad 3s, 3 - iPhone 4Ss, Sky+HD with wireless adaptor support a/c at least I'll be kinda future-proofed for a while.

Does anyone think my speed will improve and more importantly, if it doesn't, will I be able to return it to Amazon under the 7 day distance selling rules for a refund?


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I'll answer my own question.
I received the Netgear D6300 yesterday and set it up last night connected to the BT VDSL fibre modem and there was no improvement in speed over the HH3...the Wi-Fi coverage was also about the same, there was a slight improvement in speed on my equipment that can support the 5Ghz band ( the 2 MacBooks and 2 iPads) but other than that it wasn't worth paying £142 for.

I've decided to get the BT HH5 as it's dual band and it seems to get good reviews online and it incorporates the modem, I believe as an existing BT Infinity customer you can buy it for around £45 or get it free if you sign up for a further 12 months.

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