netgear adsl dg834g v2



:hiya: i have a netgear dg834 connected to my main p.c. and a laptop connected wirelessly,everything is working o.k. but i have just noticed two icons in the bottom right hand corner of my p.c when i point the mouse to them one is local area connection(connected 100.0mbps) the other one is (1394 connection connected 400.0mbps ) can anyone explain these icons to me:lease:
by the way i am on a wandoo broadband account before i got the router i used to connect via a adsl modem plugged into usb port supplied by wanadoo


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The 1394 is a firewire connection and is not related to your connection to your router. The other 100mb connection is the connection to your router. If you don't use firewire you can disable this in your network settings and then it won't appear again.


the local area connection icon is your network (through your ethernet cable which is why it didnt show up when you were using a usb modem). It shows if you are connected, problems,

the 1394 is your firewire or iLink connection

you can hide the icons if you dont want them there. Double click em, properties and remove the tick from show icon when connected


thanks for the replys,my 1394 connection used to be connected at 576mbps but now it is only showing 400mbps,i have had to do a recent install of xp pro and put a new hard drive in(thats another story) but before my hard drive broke my connections used to say 576mbps is there a problem with it,is it connected slower than it used to be any help would be welcomed:lease:


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your 1394 connection is rated at 400mbps, it must have been an error reporting 576mbps.

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