Netflix's Wasp Network Movie Review & Comments


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So what format is this in?


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I hear the ending has a sting in the tail.


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Watching this movie without seeing any previews is a good idea it does help not to know too much about the films plot before hand. The Netflix exploding plane graphic certainly is a clever draw card for action fans, but it's also a bit misleading, because as a spy flick this movie is definitely not a high adrenaline rush to watch.
For me Penelope Cruz is the stand out (mostly because I'm a big fan), and the babies too, she works well with them, which is not always easy for some actors. The story arc of this film does lose cohesion towards the end, for whatever reason the built up tension created in the first half of the film starts getting toned down when typically for a spy/espionage yarn you would expect the tempo to become faster. The directors attempt to tie in a doco style narrative towards the end is also distracting, even though it was obviously put there to highlight the injustice of the FBI's political cold war games with Cuba during the 90's, quite quickly this production is no longer an intriguing spy, espionage, film based on true historical events, it becomes more a political piece for bringing to a conclusion the ongoing Cuban / USA bilateral politics.
For me there was numerous things that ended up disappointing about this film, most notably the dull, quickly concluded ending. Perhaps there would have been more scope to broaden the drama side of this story in a 6 episode limited season series. My score 5/10.

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