Netflix's Unicorn Store Review & Comments


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I've inhaled subway farts that had more charisma than Brie Larson.

Her being named after a cheese is no coincidence. She stinks and she should be kept in a fridge.


Thanks for the review, Cas.
Unfortunately I made the mistake of seeing the names and tried this. I kept hoping it would turn into Happy! and would see some blood and viscera as it needed to literally self implode to get any better.
I recall first seeing Larson on United States of Tara and thought she showed promise then - well at least her cake-sitting-porn internet business did.


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Is 4/10 the lowest score ever on here?

Casimir Harlow

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Is 4/10 the lowest score ever on here?
Close but we’ve had worse; Escape Plan 2, Redcon-1, Robin Hood and Siberia all got 3/10, and those are just in the last 6 months.


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I liked her in Captain Marvel, but after reading this review and many interview with her, I've come to the conclusion (before this review, in all fairness) that Brie is really really not very smart. And it does take a bit of smarts to direct a good movie.

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