Netflix's The Sinner Season 3 TV Show Review & Comments


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Whilst I think they’re all very good, I feel that it gets a little weaker with each season. I’d personally score the three seasons 9,8,7 out of 10. However, I’ve still immensely enjoyed every season and look forward to seeing what they do with season 4.


Just finished Series 3 and I must say that it was a struggle, compared to Series 1 this just didn't cut it for me. I think maybe because the main character Jamie was so annoying and about as threatening and menacing as a soft cushion. No edge of the seat stuff whatsoever and the ending was really poor, it was almost like they'd run out of ideas. Bill Pullman is a great actor but after 3 series the troubled persona of his character Detective Harry Ambrose is wearing a bit thin now.


I thought S3 was truly awful. S1 was amazing, S2 was OK but this, jeez. The writing was terrible, the story felt like it was going nowhere and the relationship they were trying to build up between the two central characters was beyond unconvincing.



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Held my attention but S3 weakest of the 3. I detested the Nick character but likely a backhanded compliment to the actor. I cant stand people like that IRL. Had no sympathy for him as a victim.

Not sure if they planned to have the mid-point Jamie really being a murderer as a shock/twist. It sort of came and went and was a little bit meh. After that any sympathy for him went and I couldn't really fathom the sympathy Ambrose had for him once he was aware/adamant he was a killer.

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