Netflix's The Lost Girls Movie Review & Comments


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Great review Cas, we watched this last night and we gave it a 6/10 also .


This is underwhelming and yet over so with Ryan being a bit too alpha. In fact, she is so accusatory that it's hard to imagine her getting shown anything but the door. By the time she gets to the point of accepting her part it's way too late and just bounces straight back to the thought that a little carrot may've helped. Or, when her daughter finally confronts her as being cold to her, I thought, yup, she/they have way over baked this.
The end write up about the real woman and her other daughter and what happened with them is so cruel.
Gabriel Byrne seems to being playing these helicopter in and out roles of late - ZeroZeroZero. I like him a lot and every now and then dip a toe back with In Treatment to see the Mia Wasikowska and Allison Pill stories in particular.
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