Netflix's Spinning Out Season 1 Review


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Thanks Cas, as always.
we finished this yesterday, it’s a strange but enjoyable view. It ranges from dark, I, Tonya lite to One Tree Hill Ice Skating Edition.

Kaya is bloody lovely though, so even the super melodrama kept me watching. 7 is fair.


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It gets the figure skating details and internal politics at ice rinks spot on. As a former skating parent, it nails so much of the cattiness, rivalry and relationships. I would count the revolutions in a spin just like the parent does here during a test Or competition.


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Thought it would be a lot darker but it turns out to be quite predictable and weaker then the final notch in James Corden trouser belt.

Women not liking other women and teen men think they are men.... Lol

One highlight is Dasha who steals every scene as the Russian trainer.

6/10 for me.

Nothing so far comes close to the recent Witcher series.
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