Netflix's Rattlesnake Review & Comments


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Thanks Cas. Saw the trailer and it looked “ok” which seems to be the verdict! It’s so hard to know what to spend time watching with so much content being made nowadays, but as a model it seems to work for Netflix as I’ve been a subscriber for years now and am unlikely to stop any time soon!


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Almost watched this at weekend, but we found the series 'Glitch' instead so started that.
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Glitch is excellent, well worth watching imo.
Glitch is brilliant, you will love it!
I watch anything Aussie as it's the opposite of the PC world we exist in today.
Try *Les Norton* too... that is so funny.


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Rattlesnake, ermm 6/10 would be about right.
Thought it could have been better made....
*Wounds* is a better film and much more darker.

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I watched it on Saturday night and thought it was pretty good I had had a fair bit to drink though ... 7.5/10 from me

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