Netflix's Living with Yourself Season 1 Review & Comments


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I like Paul Rudd, and I like the premise but with Netflix' track record I decided to wait for the definitive Cas review. Glad I did. There's too much content and not enough time.


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Watched it all yesterday. Was it intended to be a comedy? Felt more like a feature length episode of Black Mirror.


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Paul Rudd is clearly wasted here in a story that constrains rather than frees him up for outright one line funnies, as opposed to observational material - something many supposed full time comedians fail with, IMO. Talking of which, I guess they brought in Aisling Bea to make the most of the situational stuff and inject her comedy edge. Fail. All she gives is a bit of shower side boob in episode one and remains a misplaced one therein.
Rudd no doubt jumped at this for the chance to play dual roles and stretch his acting chops. Whereas for Bea, it clearly offered screen time and exposure with an established indie/Hollywood star. Be careful what you wish for.
It would be mildly interesting to find out whether either were allowed a bit of free rein with improv, just to know who to blame more.
I used to stay with the vast majority of things I'd started watching (in part, no doubt due to lack of choice) but Netflix has taught me one important life lesson: let go and don't look back.
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Watched it all yesterday. Was it intended to be a comedy? Felt more like a feature length episode of Black Mirror.
Black Mirror is the perfect comparison.

Personally I enjoyed Living With Yourself. If you approach this expecting it to be a comedy then you will be disappointed. If you approach it as a near future (even if we are many decades away from such cloning of people and memories) drama - in the vein of Black Mirror then it is definitely worth a watch.

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Lots of potential with this one, but totally wasted.

Wish I had a clone:

One to watch this while the other one got their 2.5 hours of the weekend back.

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I started watching it and found it quite good for the first few episodes but as it progressed my amusement turned to confusion and then anger. In the end I hated it. It's creepy, it's not comedy, I don't know why it was made. I feel conned by the premise and tv slots selling something was not pitched accurately and I think it touched a nerve which I didn't know was exposed. Awful.


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Just finished this, there's definitely far worse on netflix.
I quite enjoyed it and would give it a 7/10


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I quite enjoyed the time slicing it played with, eg, you'd see scenes from two perspectives. I didn't feel the need to binge watch, could only watch one, possibly two of an evening. It wasn't really funny, not sure if it was intended to be, the black mirror analogy above is a good one, but I don't see that as a negative. Enjoyed how the story played out, but not begging for a new series..

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