Netflix's I Am Not Ok with This Season 1 Review


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Altered Carbon and this landing the same week?! Coupled with Hunters, the odds on me leaving my place over the weekend are increasingly slim!


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I downloaded this on a punt to watch on a plane last night and really enjoyed it. I had to put the last two episodes on to finish it out once I got home.

Very short though... without credits probably barely over two hours.
Finished this in one night. Liked it. It's like Carrie with the snappy dialogue from shows like Buffy. Was it shot on film? It was very grainy. Maybe they added grain to it.


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I added this to my list as soon as I saw the trailer, I'll be watching them all tonight... good to read this review, thanks.


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Thanks, was looking forward to this, and given how short it is I might just knock this one over before starting Altered Carbon S2.


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So... Purposefully short (as in any followups will also be short) or a taster season to see if it's got legs?


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Watched it over a Couple of nights, enjoyed it a lot, couple of I.T actors in it, both very good.
I was looking forward to it for quite a while because I LOVED! ‘The End of the f***ing world’ this is not quite as good for me but still a lot of fun.
heres Hoping season 2 doesn’t take too long to Get made


Got 4 in but finding her incessant narration annoying.
However, finished it and it's grown on me by the end which is the start, which is grrr!
Now I actually want more...
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Hammered through the first five, and absolutely loving it. Strikes the right balance between funny, heartwarming and the cringe inducing awkward teen thing, Stanley had me belly laughing a few times!

Looking forward to finishing off the last two when I get back from The Invisible Man.


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Easily watchable, would have liked a bit more of it but maybe season 2 might get longer/more episodes
I thought this started off well, but like so many Netflix series it immediately encounters a momentum problem. Great shows have high momentum. They have a lot of story to tell and so can progress the main arc while delivering entertaining scenes. Think Preacher, or Watchmen, or Russian Doll. These show have good momentum. Sadly, this show does not. Even though the episodes are only 30 minutes long, after four episodes, the momentum is very, very slow. And so although well made I feel like it's wasting my time. Like an RPG full of mindless, busy-work sidequests, I Am Not Okay With This does far too much 'go there, kill ten demon rabbits, come back'– type stuff.


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Easy watch, short episodes, Syd and Stan have chemistry.
Reeled off all the 7 eps Saturday morning, same sort of thing as *The End Of The F**king World* genre.

Good fun and some laughs on the way... could have probably have more speed but its ok.

Thanks Cas


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Liked the shortness of each episode and I really did not expect that
ending at the homecoming dance!

Look forward to season 2 hopefully.


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Saw the last eps last night. Great show.
is the mystery man her dad?
I don’t think so. I had assumed that would be the case earlier in the season but when they actually met it didn’t seem like that to me.

I hope we get a second season, I loved the first. 😁


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Dear Diary....

I am a complete sucker for anything super-power, so was likely to enjoy this.

Felt a little like Carrie meets Stranger Things.

Far too short though, hope they do a second season.

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Netflix cant ever be criticised for lacking project diversity.
The impression is, as 'I Am Not Okay With This' races along, that confronting the mental pressures of emotional and sexual anguish common to most teens is the original inspiration for writing this story, the superhero stunts fit nicely into a teens immediate need to avoid reality when life pressures become too great, the graphic violence is the darkness hidden within all of us.
Considering that there has been a number of similar themed shows about metahumans recently 'I am Not Okay With This' just manages to do enough to be interesting, the question is did it offer enough for its target younger audience to earn a renewal, i suspect it has, but it wont become another 'Stranger Things'.

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