Netflix's Earthquake Bird Review & Comments


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Heroic work Cas. Don't know how you sit through this Netflix durge. Another one to avoid then. And their Dolby Vision gorgeousness isn't much to shout about anymore when you compare it to the quality of Apple+ at over twice the bitrate.
Netflix need to up their game in many regards.

Casimir Harlow

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Cas you keep drawing the Netflix short straw lately, while Kumari gets to review Le Mans, Midway and Dr Sleep. You should fight each other for the honour of cinematic reviews. Use knives.
Yeah, but in return I'm getting Apply TV!

And besides, I've got Frozen 2 and Knives Out coming up, as well as The Irishman on Netflix, whilst she's doing Charlie's Angels...

Have to say though, I loved Dr. Sleep. Very impressed with that as a sequel. And most gutted that timing might make it hard for me to get to Le Mans.

Midway? It'll land on disc, I've gotta leave myself some surprises when it comes to watching these films in 4K.


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Have to agree with the above and say that not all heroes wear capes Cas :thumbsup:

You should get a lot of love for sifting through this drivel to find us the best content!

Thank you for saving us all the pain of watching this :smashin:


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I quite fancied this, but I'm not sure I'll bother now. It amazes me how so much of the Netflix content still proves to be so wishy-washy even with the attached talent of Vikander starring and Scott producing.


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It looked lovely and the first hour was half decent... granted there's not a lot happening but it's quite interesting. Or maybe I just like watching Alicia Vikander :p

After that it just becomes a muddled mess. I'm sure the writers thought it was all very clever but it left me thinking (as with so many Netflix offerings lately) "Wait. What? Is she? Did she?" etc.

The only thing that managed to fascinate me was the fact that Naoki Kobayashi looks like a Japanese Arnold Schwarzenegger... sounded like him too in parts.

I've never understood why the "produced by" tag is supposed to carry so much weight... writers, directors and actors make a film, producers just facilitate. They probably bunged Ridley a few grand to put his name on it then he walked away.

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