Netflix's Dare Me Season 1 TV Show Review & Comments


This will clearly be a Marmite view for me but I'll give it a go. Plus two of my our household want to see it and so I'll be giving it a censorial eye!


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I enjoyed Spinning Out a lot more than I thought I would... but that had the advantage of Kaya Scodelario being in it.

Might give this a go out of curiosity.


As initially expected, uncomfortable viewing, in parts, to sit through with teens and so allowed it to be seen in their own rooms.
It's not too risqué, filled with swearing or, any nudity really at all - including the, typical of late, male butt during sex scenes, which I found a relief. In fact, the pacing is pretty slow and not a hell of a lot happens in the first 5 episodes to cause a fevered brow.
The main twist revolves around the relationship of the main three, as to whether burgeoning feelings of friendship and admiration are in fact sexual love or, simply confused by obsessive control to be wanted and feel needed in their own right based on present or past mis/fortunes. I think it would've been more interesting to have had the white girl as being from a more generally average home and the black girl sitting in the well-to-do big house and escape that trope or, at least explore the race and wealth angle from the other side.
All the usual traits of partying whilst the commitment to cheer leading allows and the peer bitch pressure run within and the shots of them walking about god-like to the nerd herd. What is oddly missing, though, is the male football team and this seems like an absence too far here. Not one girl wears a male's letterman jacket or even dates any. They are simply some useless team to be joked about and excluded. If the cheerleaders were that great, you'd expect more tension and at least some interaction, as they have to stand out there and support them, but no. Instead, the girls act like jocks and have unwitting males service them sexually with hand jobs and oral and act like some independent squad free from any sporting tie - as theirs is supposedly it in and of itself. I know cheer leading squads have their own place somewhat now but zero contact?
I was initially concerned at my teens seeing this but it's so drawn out that I doubt it'll turn their minds too far, but more act as a warning for what obsession and misguided feelings can lead you into - assuming they make it to the end. Though I think females would more likely sit through it and get more out of it than young males, as copious nudity and pervasive thrusting isn't too large on the scene with more actual drama.
Finished. Oh for goodness sake, it ends open for another season.
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