Netflix's Calibre Review & Comments


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thanks for the review cas,sounds like i will enjoy this,look forward to watching over the weekend.


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Same here, thanks Cas. Will be watching this tonight...:thumbsup:


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Cheers Cas , on my watch list .


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The review left me surprised by the 7. I guess what you're saying is for "this type of film" it's almost as good as it gets... But that these types of films are never worthy of more than an 8?


It's not bad but not great as these done-to-death tales go. The usual obvious plot holes but it does have some decent moments of tension and a good enough twist here and there to carry it through.
In fact there's so many films that get thrown into consciousness watching, it can turn into a drinking game all of its own.


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Quite good gritty drama, could imagine that happening in real life.
It was a lot better than these Crap CGI effect movies they keep putting out nowadays


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Watched it over the weekend, good flick, good pace, and makes you wanna keep away from the north LOL!
Would I watch it again, probably not but good recommendation.
Throughout the movie, you're thinking what would you do?

Cheers Cas!


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I'd say 7/10 is fair enough. Some good tension, decent performances and some tasty scenery. A cut above most of the Netflix output. A Shallow Grave for millennials.


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Watching this now and loving it. Reminds me a little of Eden Lake.

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