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Has anyone noticed strange rectangular video artifacts when viewing Netflix?

Like most of us I have several ways to view Netflix, my preferred way is via a UB820EB as it will deliver HDR and Dolby Atmos. Recently I've noticed strange artifacts in Netfix video which look like rectangular boxes across the centre of the image, it's not permanent it comes and goes with video content, see the image below which was taken from 'The Dig' between 55 seconds and 60 seconds into the movie. The artifact doesn't exist with the Netflix apps on my Panasonic 49FX50, my Fire TV Stick 4K or my old Fire TV 4K box, or other providers such as Amazon Prime on the UB820EB.

Anyone else seen this?



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I removed NETFLIX from the UB820EB Network Service Home page then reinstated it and magically the artifact has disappeared. I couldn't find a way to uninstall NETFLIX so I'm not quite sure what changed by just removing it from the Home page but whatever happened it's fixed.

I hope this helps anyone else who sees this issue.


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Spoke too soon. The artifact is still there but not as noticable as before, but then at about 2:55 it appears again only more to the left than right. It only seems to appear against lighter backgrounds like a clear sky.

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