Netflix HDR speeds query


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Sorry if this has been covered off elsewhere. :eek:

I am currently on Sky unlimited broadband so getting typical speeds varying between 6 and 15 mbps when watching Netflix. I would only use Netflix to watch the very best picture quality shows they have and i have an HDR enabled TV.

Is it worth upgrading to one of Skys fibre packages giving me around 30mbps if my only reason for doing so is to ensure i get the best picture for watching Netflix in HDR. I have watched HDR, the most recent being Afterlife and it was a good picture.

Does the HDR picture quality vary depending on the speed or is it either in HDR or not in HDR if that makes sense?

I don't need faster speeds for anything else.



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Netflix needs up to 7mbps for HD content and 15.26mbps for 4K. HDR makes no difference. It still streams at 15.26mbps maximum.
If Netflix is already streaming at 15mpbs you won’t gain anything. If 15mbps is your maximum connection speed then an upgrade would be worthwhile as long as the peak time rate holds up.

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