Netflix HDR better than 4k blu?


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I had a bit of a shock last night, in that I tried Blade Runner 2049 via my Sony AF8's internal Netlfix app and, much to my surprise, it had more 'pop' than my 4k blu ray version. I then booted up my 4k copy and tried to emulate that look, but couldn't. The blu version just looked a little dull in comparison...

Is this an issue with my blu ray player settings perhaps? It's a sad day when streamed content is looking better than physical media. 'Hopefully', this is an exception...


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All to do with bandwidth and Netflix is capped to 15mbs which is really nothing nothing compared to actual 4k disc. I have come across bluray's that are better then 4k discs myself, odd I know but it happens. Sometimes you can't even tell the difference (was that HDR or not)

Netflix really need to at least double the bandwidth, I watched the champions league final on Youtube in 4K and it was mindblowing.. running at like 60-70mbs.

Guess lot of factors do need to some in to play, TV, player, bandwidth and supplier.


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Ive only got 2049 on Itunes and although theres plenty of detail its not a film I'd note for pop - you need Aquaman for that

Yout dont want any blu-ray player settings affecting picture - you want enhancements off but all HDR on and full HDMI etc enabled

The difference is far more likely in the TV settings - with my LG every source has its own settings for each mode (i.e. SDR or HDR). So youre likely to have a fairly "natural" picture with a DV source but you might have a very over-the-top mode for Netflix.

With all TV settings corrected, Itunes in DV picture is good enough for me, its the lossless audio on disk that is noticeably better.

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My HDMI inputs can be awful if set incorrectly. A poor set of parameters perhaps is showing Netflix in a better light? I have not seen anything on Netflix that would make me drop the 4k hard copy.
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