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Which 65" would you recommend between £2K and £2.5K for the above content?

- The room is relatively bright. Viewing angle is pretty straight.
- Audio is of no importance as I have an amp and 5.1 surround
- A fast OS and a remote which controls all sources would be a a distinctive advantage

Thank you!


Some steps I can think will help you narrow down:

1. Determine which display technology is suited to your viewing conditions: LCD versus OLED
2. Consider that now is a bad time to buy a TV if you want to maximise value for money:

If going OLED, then LG models are the best all round TVs. A good mix of excellent smart TV, future proof features for gaming and no slouches for video either. LG BX or CX will be popular, and recommended once prices come down. Casting on LG TVs requires the use of a 3rd party app installed on your phone/tablet.

If going LCD, then Samsung models are best suited. Your budget should allow for the top end 4k model; the Q90T. Also overpriced right now, but prices will come down. Casting on Samsung requires a 3rd party app, or if you have an ios device, you can use built in Airplay.

Outside options:

Sony XH9505 - Android TV isn't as good as other systems, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be. The TV has very good motion when watching sport, but lacks gaming features compared to Samsung. If you use an Android phone, it will be easier to cast to an Android TV and no app is required.
Sony OLED TVs like the A8 - Strengths compared to LG are again with motion in video content. A lot of what you pay for is the built in acoustic audio though.

Panasonic OLEDs like the HZ980 - good TVs for those who value picture accuracy above anything else, smart TV platform is dated but not terrible. Casting will require own app.

Philips OLEDs like the OLED805 - similar strengths to Sony with good motion, but run without acoustic audio surfaces so tend to be cheaper if you are shopping in the 8 series. They run android so support chromecast like Sony TVs.

Hisense U8Q LCD TV - a TV that does all the basics well, but costs a lot less. Compares mostly to the Samsung Q90T/Sony XH9505 at a fraction of the cost. Certain things will be more rough around the edges which may not suit your want of good smart TV/casting.

Philips OLED754 - a 2019 OLED that is still available, a basic model with cut down OS, but a healthy saving compared to 2020 models right now since its end of life. Probably worth the saving of a few hundred even if its OS is very basic.

As for controlling the TV with the TVs remote, that solely relies on your sources ability to utilise HDMI CEC, read about that here: Consumer Electronics Control - Wikipedia

Some sources are CEC compliant, some are not. Gone are the days of programming a TV remote to work with other sources via IR.

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