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This is my first post so if this is the wrong forum or wrong type of forum please let me know.......

A friend is in a nursing home and has been watching Netflix (at this facility) for about six months without issue.

Suddenly, when he tries to pull up Netflix he can't get it and when he goes into set up on the DVD player, it says something like 'No Physical Connection Present' even though nothing has changed.

The cable comes into the modem, then into his router, then into the Sony BDP-S185 player and then into his Panasonic TH-42PD50U plasma player. The TV is older and is not a smart TV so the DVD player is the smart component.

The plasma still looks great and we chose this particular DVD player so it would interface via a component cable to the plasma.

I have changed out the cables but nothing seems to help. He is pretty much bedridden so this is a pretty big deal to him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Although no one was able to offer advice, I do appreciate the 40 or so who took the time to read the request for help.

A similar question was asked on a forum in 2013 and the response was.........
.............. Turn the unit off and unplug it for at least one minute...........
...............While the unit is unplugged try to turn it on.....................
...............Plug the unit in and turn it on and try to establish a connection..........

As bizarre as it sounds I tried this and it worked. It makes no sense unless some sort of volatile
memory was cleared, thus resetting the unit.

Thanks for looking.


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If all else fails, turn it off an on.

It's surprising just how many times that works.


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Greg Hook,

Naturally I tried that initially, but not in any particular sequence. Seems strange but my friends
comfort is the main thing so I'm just glad it worked.



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sometimes uninstalling then reinstalling the app will sort it

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