Netflix becomes 2nd Most Watched 'Channel' in Subscribers' Homes


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On the back of news from Netflix that that its subscribers streamed more than 2 billion hours of TV shows and movies in the last quarter, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield says that Netflix is now the 15th most popular TV 'network' in the USA and the second most watched in subscribers' homes.

"Netflix must be eating into traditional TV viewing time," Greenfield argued. "Netflix streaming usage is exploding and is far, far bigger than traditional media executives give it credit for."

Greenfield estimated that "Netflix is actually number 15 with 666 million hours monthly or 2 billion per quarter — our prior analysis estimated number 25." Those numbers, on average, equate to 1,905 minutes of Netflix viewing per month per subscriber, or 64 minutes per sub per day, or 32 hours per sub per month.


Examining Nielsen data for TV networks, Greenfield highlighted that after the top 15 channels, monthly viewing hours are below 500 million. "With an estimated 667 million hours of viewership per month in October, Netflix would rank as the 15th most-watched 'network,' " he said. "Netflix had more hours of viewing in October than FX, HGTV and History and had more than twice the viewer hours of CNN, Discovery, MSNBC and BET."

With Netflix's ever growing presence in the UK, how long before it becomes our 'Channel 6'?


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Yes, it is definitely the most used application on my LG smart TV. I, my HELL sister and two her PUPPY younger friends watch movies and TV shows rented from Netflix. We are very proud that we have an LG 3D TV. It is a 55'' TV and we show off it to everyone who visits our houses. Everyone is amazed seeing how thin the TV is, how thin its bezels are. I personally play games in dual play mode with guests. They always say “wow, is it even possible?”. We used to play on the same screen before but this is awesome, mate. I know, I made a good decision as usual.

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