Netflix app slow to load


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Netflix app slow to load:

Hi, hope everyone is well :)

I have a Panasonic smart TV (model no TX-32DS500B) and for some months now it is taking an age to bring up Netflix when I open it either by pressing the Netflix button on the remote or clicking on it directly from the Home Screen.

It takes somewhere between 20 & 60 seconds to open the app. We do have more than one profile on our Netflix account but it opens fine on our other devices and there doesn’t appear to be any issue with the wifi. The other apps generally work fine and open much quicker.

The TV is under warranty but ideally I want to try and resolve it myself before having to transport it into the shop for them to fix and/or replace.

If anyone can help or has had similar issues please let me know.

Thanks in advance



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Are any of the other apps or aspects of the OS slow to use or load ? That model is not likely to have much processing power so a fairly sluggish OS wouldn't be too surprising and these things often seem to get worse as the TV gets older. Apps may no longer be updated and start to struggle to function over time.

As a result, it's unlikely to be anything that can be 'fixed', however one essential thing you can try at home is a factory reset, which Panasonic call 'shipping condition'. Note that you will lose all your settings (so make a note of any you've tweaked) and will have to retune the Freeview tuner, plus reinstall and/or update any apps so make sure you know all your log-ins and passwords.

I would also make sure you have the latest firmware installed which appears to be version 3.040 (dated Nov 2017). You can check which version you have by going to Help / System Information (or similar) or try kicking off a Software Update from within the Setup menu.

If that doesn't help and you're happy with all other aspects of the TV, then a cheap streaming device will almost certainly solve your problem and will also give you access to additional apps not present in Panasonic's limited app store. It'll be Black Friday in November and it's very common for Fire TV Sticks (for example) to be at or around half-price, making them a good upgrade proposition for both non-smart TVs and older TV's whose smart platform / apps are struggling.

What speed is your TV receiving via wi-fi, out of interest ? Visit on your TV's browser and run a speed test or hold a phone (connected to wi-fi) nearby to give you a rough idea.


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Hi, and thanks for this helpful response.

The software looks to be the most up-to-date version, tried a factory reset which has made some functions work better but Netflix still opening at the same speed (the other apps open and function at a reasonably fast speed).

I’ve checked the WiFi and don’t think there’s any issue there. I don’t have any issues with the speed of the other Smart TV functions linked to the wifi.


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Good to hear that a factory reset has made some things work a little better. If it hasn't fixed the Netflix app issue though, then I don't think there's much else you can do.

Your wi-fi signal does look strong, but it doesn't tell you what speed you're receiving. If all your other apps function as expected then I guess this might not be the issue anyway, but that info is easy to obtain and might still be useful for trouble-shooting problems.

It's curious to see that your TV appears to be using the 5GHz wi-fi frequency band - I wouldn't have thought a TV of that age would have that option. Is the router close to the TV ? 5GHz wi-fi might be faster, but 2.4GHz wi-fi usually gives a more reliable signal for for gadgets that are further away and don't necessarily need the fastest speeds.

As your photo includes some private and potentially sensitive network info, I would remove it just to be safe.


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Hi again, thanks for this. Interesting point about the frequency band, I’ve now checked the speed also and is a little below the speed we should be getting with the package we’ve signed up to with our provider (67-80 Mbps). The TV is also next to the router. However i don’t think it’a significantly low so as to be causing this problem and as I say the other apps working ok.

I guess I will have to bear with it for now and/or use our Firestick or get the TV replaced while it’s still under warranty.

Thanks anyway for your help,



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If your TV is receiving anywhere near that speed, then yes - it doesn't look like speed should be an issue. It's common for wi-fi speeds to be lower than it is for devices connected via ethernet - I always hard-wire devices where possible to maximise speeds, eliminate potential wi-fi issues and free up the wi-fi for other devices.

TBH, I wouldn't waste your time trying to make a warranty claim because one particular app is slow to open - I can't see any retailer entertaining any kid of swap or refund on that basis, particularly as the TV didn't cost a lot to start with and is presumably approaching 5 years old ? John Lewis, for example, specifically state that a smart TV's app provision and support is excluded from their 5 year warranty.

If the TV is functioning perfectly well in every other respect, than it's hard to imagine them wanting to do anything more than a factory reset anyway, which you've already tried. Personally, I would just use the Fire TV Stick for Netflix - while it's obviously not as convenient, at least you have another option that is only another couple of button presses away.

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