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Is anyone else having an issue with image quality on HD content in Netflix and Disney+?
I’ve had my OLED65B8 over a year and never had an issue, but as of a couple of days ago, all content below 4K is really pixelated/blocky and looks awful via the inbuilt Netflix and Disney+ apps. All other apps such as Prime video seem fine and I’m having no such issues with Dolby vision and 4K sdr content. The apps also perform fine through my Nvidia Shield and Virgin TV - My broadband is 200mb and the OLED is wired to the Router so it’s definitely not a speed issue.
I reset the TV yesterday which hasn’t helped So I’m now concerned! Have we had a firmware update recently that’s messed things up?
Just me or anyone else experiencing problems? A typical example is Ready Player One on Netflix, if someone would be so kind as to check theirs and advise, that would be much appreciated.


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I contacted LG today and they aren’t aware of any reported issues. They’ve logged the issue though and have asked for some video for investigation.
Here's some I took of 'Piper' on Disney Plus to show the issue
and here's the intro to Ready Player One. The issue really shows itself with the credits

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