Netflix 4K on a 2K screen?

I just signed up for Netflix Premium with UHD 4K. I do not own a 4K screen, but wanted to try an experiment.
Could I get 4K to display on my 2K screen while running NVIDIA DSR and setting the higher screen res.
I wouldn't expect the display to look as good as it would on a true 4K screen, but perhaps it will look better than 1080p running on the 2k monitor, which is what I am getting if not streaming 4K.

My screen (Asus Tuf Gaming VG27AQL1A) is HDCP compliant, and when I check the HDCP status in NVIDIA CP, I see that the system is HDCP compliant. It does not say what version of HDCP.

Apparently, this method of 'cheating' 4K works with games. I do notice that when DSR is turned on and resolution is increased, I do get a smoother image.
However, from what I understand Netflix and other streaming services can be very picky as to what qualifications they look for on the device before setting streaming quality.

Thanks for your help


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It will be down rez'ed to 1080p. Doubtful you would notice the difference between 2160p and 1080p on a 1080p set.


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The application will determine what it's outputting to & act accordingly.
It will also take into account what it's being played from, in my experience.

For instance, I can't get HDR in Hulu from my LG's internal application, but I can from a Roku-Ultra.
When my screen is set for native res (2560 x 1440), I see only 'HD' in the Netflix description of the programs that are available at 4K, whether running Edge browser or the Netflix Windows app.
But if I set res to 5120 x 2880 (I think it works for 4434 x 2494 as well), then I see '4K Ultra HD'.
While I understand that I will not get true 4K on my 2K monitor with NVIDIA DSR, I thought perhaps I would be streaming at 4K and down-sampling to the 2K res.
That said, I have to agree with vb47 in that I don't notice any difference between leaving the screen at its native res, and using the DSR at the higher res.
So I guess if I really want 4K, I'll have to upgrade to a 4K screen!

Still, I do get better results with games.
I have one particular game: Run8 Train Simulator V3, in which I am seeing 'jaggies' on the tracks.
This has been an issue with Run8 since V2 (and I'm sure V1 but I don't go back that far with this game).
When I use DSR to increase res to 4K (5120 x 2880), those jaggies disappear.
Of course, my RTX2070 Super 8Gig is running at nearly 100% with the higher res, but the game plays smoothly.
I guess the same does not apply to streaming video.


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I have a QHD monitor that will display in HDR, but it also will do UHD at a lower FPS.
As far as I know, the streaming applications won't recognize the in-between, QHD.

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