Netbooks with Line In (not Mic In)


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Does anybody know if any Netbooks have a separate Line In from the Mic In that they all seem to have?

So far I have only found models with a Mic In. I'd like a Netbook to use when updating firmware/software on my PVR, Pre-amp processor and to use with a subwoofer EQ device. In the future I may want to use REW, which requires a Line In, as opposed to a Mic In. Is there really a difference?



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I think you'd need to be looking at an external soundcard if you want a line-in.

Generally Mic jacks are amplified which leaves you with lower sound quality, but it depends on the sound card/chip. I'm not sure if mic jacks are stereo... maybe someone who knows can expand on that.


My laptop only has a mic input, but in the settings the 'mic boost' level can be set to 0 so it in effect becomes a line level input (but no promises as to the sound quality it offers doing this as I don't use it).
The mic input is a stereo jack socket.



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Thanks guys. Looks like it will be the external sound card route then.
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