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Netbooks and Touchscreens


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I've inherited an Asus eeePc 10.2" screen and have seen the touchscreen upgrade kits you can get for around £60.

Looked through the installation videos and whilst it looks a little fiddly I reckon I could do it.

BUT the big questions on my mind - Useful or Gimic? - £60 well spent or wasted?

On the one hand it looks pretty cool. But on the other you can do everything with the keyboard and it seems quite odd to me, reaching over the keyboard to touch the screen.

Anyone here upgraded - if so what do you think?

Mind you - to put it in perspective, had a cracked filling replaced today - £65.




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To me it's a gimic, especially as it doesn't offer touch screen functionality like an iPhone/iPad etc... no easy gestures and scrolling etc.

As most netbooks are for browsing you can do almost all you want with the keyboard like you say... the only advantage would be something like the way it works on an Apple device, sadly that isn't how it works, or at least, not that I know!


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It's easily done and I do it myself, I can give level headed advice like this when people ask me, but as soon as it comes to making my own choices then I start to lose my rational thinking and get drawn in by these things :D

Touch will definitely be a future thing, but until they find a way to make it more like the Apple devices then I can't see it being a huge hit for non-commercial users.

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