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The GF has been using a laptop for far too long now and its just about to go *POP*
I've been looking at something cheap to replace it because she only really uses Facebook and Email and see this and it seems fine.
One thing that I cannot seem to find information about and it is important to her, is if this netbook will allow her to play Facebook games or not.
If anyone has or had one and knows this it will help me out big time :thumbsup:

This netbook-link
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My gf played all the facebook games on her netbook fine. The games are very basic and not taxing to a netbook.

My gf uses the HP Mini 5101 if you want to compare specs.


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I had an acer aspire one powered by an intel n270 with 2gb ram and used it with XP and win7. It was awfully awfully slow....but will do basic tasks fine and run fb games.

The one in your link is going to be much much slower ... and I doubt the games would be playable or supported with that screen resolution.

Hardly hear about netbooks anymore...seems that craze is over...

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