Nest thermostat - help/advice needed


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Hi All,

I am looking for some help and advice on the Nest thermostat we had installed during the summer.

I have not done much with it since it was installed as the weather has been fairly decent in Scotland that it was not really on.

Now we are in winter I am finding I am having a few issues with getting it setup so we have heat in the house when we need it.

I have a schedule setup so it comes on around 9am at 17degs and scheduled to go off around 9:30pm (set to 9.5degs).

I also have "ECO" turned out which I think, from reading about it, tries to auto learn a schedule of when you are in or out and heat the house accordingly.

The problem is the thermostat is in the livingroom.
We work from home in our office and never really go into the livingroom until night time.
I had thought about moving it into our study/office which would be fine during the day, however we do not go into the office once we finish work.

So if it stays in the livingroom it would think we were out all day and only home at night time.
If I set it up in the office it would think we went our every night at 5pm and were never around at the weekend :).

So I think there are a few options that I need to think about and would not mind your help.

1) move thermostat to the hallway which we have to walk through day or night. However our house is an old Victorian house and as such our hallway is never that warm and the 2 radiators we have in there never heat that space up to the desired temperature and we would die of heat exhaustion or be penny and potless after a few months due to the cost of our heating.

2) Turn of the ECO mode - willing to give this a try but not sure if this is the best approach.

3) Buy a secondary thermostat so I have one in livingroom and one in office. Again not sure how easy or practical it is having more than one thermostat in the house and not sure if that setups up multiple zones rather than them operating in the same zone. (for info I do not have smart thermostats so zoning is not an option).

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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You can add your phone(s) in the app for home and away assist.

I have ours on a schedule and then use our phones as the only devices to determine whether someone is home or not.

Ours is in the hallway as that’s where the old thermostat was.


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Thanks dude - I was missing that bit and did not know about the mobile phones being able to be used. Even when searching I was not getting that information, so thanks.

One issue I have found is I have activated it on my iPhone and trying to add my wife's iPhone and it cannot handle both of our phones being used at the same time. Whenever I activate my wife's phone it says on my app that her phone is the phone being used.

Now she uses the same login as me to the Nest App as I have not created a new one for her, which I assume is the only way to do it. I take she does not need to create her own login and then somehow link both the accounts to the same thermostat?

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