NES Console Problems



Hi People
i have a NES(nintendo)

i love to bits and stuff and try still to play it

i just want to know how can i repair it

1.u switch it on and sometimes it has a white screen and flashes form black screen to white screen
some times it works

does anyone know where i can get it repaired or where i can get a new 1 from(i know thats a stupid question)


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Not sure about getting one repaired - maybe it's just dirty contacts on the cart slot.

You can most likely buy one off enay though.


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coolchris2000 said:
do you have any tips on cleaning it

Probably best to try using some switch cleaner on it like electrolube. Try running something between the contacts if you can get to them (say a bit of card surrounded by some lint free cloth). Try squirting some cleaner in between the contacts and pushing the card (surrounded by cloth) in between the contacts. Then also clean the contacts of your cartridges with switch cleaner and lint free cloth as well.

If the console works intermitently then it does sound like a problem with dirty contacts.


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The 72 pin connector is probably knackered - you can get a new one on ebay for around a £10er; either that or you could buy a new nes base unit, it might do the same as your current one though! Personally I have had no end of problem with nes's I have bought :(

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blow hard but dont spit on the cartridge and inside the console. always worked for me.

you are remembering to press the cartridge down right? ;)

does the power button flash?


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Jago there are several repair guides on how to do the 72pin repair on the net

look here

I managed to get several NES's working using these guides. It was a common problem on the NES with the 72pin contacts wearing out and not touching the contacts on the games properley as games were constantly being pushed in and out. Try stripping down the NEw first and give the contacts a good clean with rubbing alcohol. If that fails to sort the problem then buy a spare 72pin connector off ebay (usually from the USA unfortunatly) and replace the old one. The newer 72pin contacts tend to be better made then the old ones so should have loads more life. Also, only use cleaned games, so before sticking them in your cleaned machine, clean the tops and underneath of the game contact with rubbing alcohol and cotton bud.

Hope this helps

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yes i have heard of these problems before. i was just giving him the quickest solution that may work.

i have 3 nes' in my family and all 3 still work


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As stated above - giving the Nes and cart contacts a good clean with switch cleaner should do the job. Blowing on them is generally not advised as whilst this may help in the short term it does deposit moisture on the contacts (even if you don't spit) which can lead to corrosion. Also you could try pushing the contacts in a little so that they make better contact with the cartridge as (liek stated above) they can become separated in time so that proper contact isn't made. If you can get hold of a replacement connector and manage to fit that then I guess that would be the best solution.

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