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    I'm trying to convert DVD-RAm to -R with limited success. I've got two authoring bits of software - Ulead and Nerovision express (part of Nero6). I've got nowhere with Ulead-it's OEM and it only ever seems to want to capture video rather than use files.

    Nerovision is ok, but I can only use the first program on the RAM disc. I've tried splitting the file as per the sticky on these forums, but cannot re-write the whole file to the DVD-RAM once I have deleted the relevant programs on my standalone recrder in order to split the programs (my writer won't take RAM discs).

    Whilst there seems to be a simple solution in either buying TMPG Enc Author (which seems to be able to seperate out the programs without all the deleting malarkey) or I buy a new RAM capable writer, I'd rather not fork out another wedge of cash if at all possible. Does anyone have any experience with either Nerovosion or Ulead, or do I really just need to buy TMPG Enc??


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