Nero 5.5 & Pioneer 106 DVD writer


Aug 10, 2002
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Rainham Essex
I have just installed my new DVD writer and already had Nero 5 (just updated it via the latest patch to 5.5.....) to make it compatable with DVD but when I try to select the Pio DVD as the burner it says that Nero is only compatable with Yamaha DVD's and I need to buy the full version.
Also installed is a Yamaha CD-RW and previously had a LiteOn DVD-ROM which was replaced with the Pio.
There is nothing in 'Help' about DVD's and as it is an OEM version I doubt Ahead will be willing to help.

So, can I use Nero 5.5 with my DVD burner without upgrading to Nero 6 (that costs more money), and if so how?
Would removeing the CD-RW help?
Would uninstalling and then reinsatalling Nero help?
Or is Nero 5.5 not compatable with Pio DVD's?

I presume the Nero you have came with the Yamaha, in which case it's clearly an OEM version slugged so that it only works with the drive you got it bundled with. As it's telling you, in order to use it with other devices you need to buy the 'full' product, there'll probably be a slight discount if you're upgrading from an OEM version. This is quite common with software that's bundled 'free' with hardware, that the software won't work with a different brand/model.

Nero is most certainly compatible with 106s.
Oh well, that's what I thought :rolleyes:
I was sure that Nero 5.5 was ok with other DVD's as I have seen others on here recommend people to buy it for use with a DVD writer.
So its upgrade Nero or something else for the DVD side of things. I use Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 for movie DVD's. I just need something for writing data to them. What should I be looking at just for this? Should I get the UMF3 disk creator package that has DVD data compatability or bite the bullet and upgrade Nero?

Any other suggestions?

Well I've always been a Nero man so I'm biased :) The upgrade price is $39.99.
So that'll be about £25 - is that as a download from their web site? And I assume that is version 6?
I'll wait a while and see if anybody comes up with any other ideas, or maybe look for an unlocked OEM version somewhere.

Thanks andrewdolphin
Free - now I like that :D . I just need to do some reading when I get home later tonight.

Isn’t there a demo copy of Nero 6 for appraisal that you can download from their site. I know it’s only a short term solution and it also is not a full version so may be missing some elements.
Yeh I did see that. I'll probably download it and then pay the ~£25 for the full product key as it is a long term solution I'm after.

mark from one essex boy to another

i have the 106 with nero5.5 and it wont work for the same reason you say, (nero wont find it)
, so installed nero 6 and away we go. I use Clone DVD for my movie backups and use nero for data

btw i have them on CD (clone dvd and nero 6 ) i could send it to you for an off site backup if you get my drift.

PM me if youre intersted.

Hi all. :)

MarkE19, if burning to DVD-R (as opposed to DVD+R) you could try burnatonce, a free and user-friendly software. ;)

I can't rate burn4free as a burning software, but what I really disliked about it was the way it stuck a lot of garbage links in the Windows right-click menu.
Dominic,. thanks but I don't have any 'offsite backuos' installed so will try and stay that way - at least for now.

ddlooping, thanks for the link - I'll have a good look during the long boring night shift.


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