Nephews coming. 12yrs old. What game to buy?

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My Nephews are here this weekend and have seen my PS3 and want to play games on it. I don't really have any games suitbale for 12yr olds...their parents veto'd the 18 cert ones I have. ....

Can anyone suggest a decent one to get, prefereably one they can play together. Must be cert 12 or less...not allowed cert16 ones according to powers that be.




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Why not check out the demo's on the PSN store. Might give you a few ideas.

Off the top of my head, maybe something safe like FIFA, or Marvel vs Capcom 3 (it's only rated 12)?


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Gordon in the PS3 section, who'd have thunk it!!

Joe Danger is available in the PS Store,that would be good for kids, actually there is probably plenty of games to choose from in there.


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Rachet and clan is a good one for the youngsters :D


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If he's into his sports then they are all pretty good games. So you've got FIFA, Madden, F1 etc. Also if he likes his cars then check out GT5.

Just thought of another one, Little Big Planet (both 1 & 2). The first one is a good few years old now and the second one is probably a year old but they are still very good child friendly games.


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Little Big Planet
Any of the Lego games
Disney Universe


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Little big planet is amazing. I love it.

Perhaps maybe even that Modnation thing?

The Lego series is ALWAYS a safe bet. Just ask the powers what franchise they prefer out of the Lego titles available.

Or of course. Trusty old demos! :)


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Another vote for Lego games - they're all pretty good fun and the co op mode means they can play together rather than argue about turns.
Most of the later ones split the screen when playing but the earlier ones drag player 2 behind player 1 if they go in different directions.

They also seem to drop in price quite fast so Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars Clone Wars should be pretty cheap.

I've got the new Harry Potter ready to wrap as a present.


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No doubt they will sweet talk there uncle into bringing out MW3 lol


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Hmmmm how about Duke Nukem LOL


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Seriously though - agree with any of the above - specially LBP, Lego starwars etc and Danger Joe from PSN is awesome little game that u will likely really enjoy playing too.

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