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Hi all, just after a few opinions really! I really like 2D fighting games, capcom vs snk, last blade, king of the fighters etc! I own a lot of these games on the dreamcast albeit japanese versions. I was wondering if these games are better or worse on the neo geo CD (can't afford a proper Neo Geo AES yet!) I know about the long loading times on the neo geo but are the conversions of these fantastic games better than the dreamcast equivalents?

Any help will be much appreciated!!


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have you tried MAME?


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to be honest there isnt realy any difference between the 2
but i would go for the neo geo, just owning the console feels more like an arcade machine to me :)


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But can you play Neo-geo CD games on the dreamcast ;)
If you do get a neo CD get the CDZ version as loading times are half, the major problem with the cd is that it loads so slowly (between fights in KOF can take up to 30 seconds :()



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This months CVG have KOF 2000/2001 and another KOF game reviewed for PS2! Both did very well!

Could help with your 2d fighter needs!


Cheers for the reply's, i think i might just stick with the dreamcast for the time being seen as though neo geo's are still on the pricey side!

I might check out K.O.F on the PS2 but i was really put off 2D games on the PS2 when i played Marvel vs Capcom as it was absolute bobbins!!


with a couple of fighting sticks and loads of fighting games it really is the machine to have

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