Neil Peart


Heart broken.
My number one group!
And certainly the number one drummer in the world in my opinion.
Seen them every UK tour since 79 in Stafford.
Off to bed feeling sad.
Headphones on and some heavy drumming on the go.

Rip Neil


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My musical hero

A brilliantly talented drummer, but also a man who lost both his daughter and wife in the space of a year, rode his motorcycle from one end of Northern America to the far tip of South America as well as across America and Europe touring with Rush (a band that lasted over 40yrs with the same 3 band members and releasing 19 albums between 1974 and 2012) documenting his travels in a brilliant style but also healing himself on the journeys.

He will forever live in the 'Limelight'
A Macallan to you sir......


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A Farewell to a King. RIP.


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Sad news. Was down the pub in my home town with an old mate and his missus on Friday night and we were actually talking about Rush, who he could never quite get into on account of Geddy's singing (plus his apparent resemblance to an old character in Neighbours - headmistress Dorothy Burke), then half hour or so later she sees a news alert on her phone about Neil :(.

2112 was my bedtime album for many years, and more recently this has been occasional bedtime YouTube viewing ...



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have never been a huge fan but aware of their status. the only album i really got into was test for echo. i never really appreciated him as a drummer but can hear the skill more now. more recently got into moving pictures. and i have caress of steel on CD too but it's not one i spin often.

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