Neil Finn And Friends - Seven Worlds Collide - Live DVD

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    Neil Finn And Friends - Seven Worlds Collide - Live DVD

    This is the concert DVD with Neil finn & friends : Eddie Vedder (vocals) Pearl Jam, Ed OBrien (guitar,vocals) Radiohead, Phil Selway (drums) Radiohead, Johnny Marr (guitar) The Smiths, Sebastian Steinberg (bass) Soul Coughing, Lisa Germano (vocals, piano, violin) LA based singer songwriter & Tim Finn (vocals). The DVD was filmed on the last night of a 5 night run at Neils hometown of Auckland NZ at the St. James venue.

    Well down to the technical bits you get a DD 5.1 surround mix and a 16/48 Khz PCM Stereo mix which is truly wonderful, the recording quality is fantastic dont ask what the 5.1 mix is like coz I only have a stereo Amp.

    As well as picking out some wonderful CH numbers & some of his solo material this is different from the normal format in that he does a couple of his bandmates numbers with them, the Eddie Vedders number of Take a Walk has now put me down the route of sniffing out some Pearl Jam material and as a big Smiths fan, Finns rendition with Marr on There is a light is one of the best things Ive ever heard, blows Morrissey into the weeds. The big dude Steinberg on the double bass is out of this world and gives this the same feel as Stings All This Time concert from Tuscany, the musicianship of the band and their tightness in their delivery will make you think they have been together for years. There is a cameo from Neils sons band, Betchadupa their take on I See Red with Eddie Vedder is tremendous. dudes this is the Amazon link but I got mine from for £14.99.

    Very highly reccomended dudes also available on CD :

    though you only get 17 tracks compared to the 28 Songs on the DVD. Both reccomended very very highly but with 11 more songs on DVD you can imagine which one I got.

    Tracks include:

    Fall At Your Feet
    Hole In The Ice
    Paper Doll
    The Climber
    Take A Walk *
    Last To Know
    Down On The Corner
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out *
    Private Universe
    Driving Me Mad
    Turn And Run
    Four Seasons In One Day *
    She will have her way
    Suffer Never
    Paradise *
    Cry Wolf
    History Never Repeats
    I See Red *
    Weather With You *
    Dont Dream Its Over *

    Some of the best music Ive heard on DVD-V and it makes you wonder why we cant get more mixes of this quality.
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    Sat and listened to this yesterday. It's great. The tracks where Tim sings as well are wonderful.

    Buy it.


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