Neighbours remote effecting my TV?


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From time to time I will be watching my Sony widescreen TV (32 fx66) and it will suddenly change from AV1 to AV2 or AV2 to AV3 for no apparent reason. Has this happened to anybody else and if so does anyone know what to do? It may be that it is a problem with the tv but it appears that someone else is controlling the tv. If it is interference from a neighbour's remote (I don't know which one, could be any number) is there anything I can buy to deflect signals without interferring with my own? I am not going to start asking neighbours to stop using there remotes as I am likely to end up with some very angry responses.

Please help:(


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These remote comands are IR signals and as such they are basically 'line of sight' in operation. I would imagine a stray signal from a third party was unlikely to be the problem. Can you arrange for an engineer to inspect the set ?


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did they used to say that low energy or flourecsent lights could interfere with tv,s/remotes??? or is this an old wives tail??? have you got any other light sources in the room that you could turn off??

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Is anyone old enough (like me!) to remember the very first TV remote controls which used ultrasonics?

With a bit of practice, the channel could be changed by rattling the frontdoor keys!

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