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Nehalem i7 Build Log (56K Warning)


2009 Nehalem i7 Build Log 16-18th January 2009

During the weekend beginning from the 16th of January , the old Pentium 4 built inside a chieftec matrix case was about to be replaced by a new machine altogether.

The specs of the old machine are as follows:

• ABIT ice-7 pro Socket 478 Mobo
• 2gb DDR Ram
• Nvidia 7800GTX AGP Card(i had a ATI 9800gtx before)
• Intel Pentium 4 3.2ghz northwood
• Seasonic 450w PSU
• Chieftect full tower Matrix case

The specs of the new pc are:

• ASUS P6T deluxe Socket 1336 Mobo
• 3GB DDR3 Ram
• Nvidia 260GTX card
• Intel i7 920 2.6GHZ Nehalem
• Seasonic m12 600W PSU
• Lian LI full tower PC-A7010 case
• Thermalright Ultra Extreme aka TRUE
• Enermax 120mm fan.

As you can see, this is a major upgrade for me and one i have enjoyed building over last weekend. Enough talk, lets see some pictures !!


This case is a monster. Just look at the size comparison between the case inside the box and my 360!


More pics of comparing the size of the case alongside the 360.


Christmas came late for me :)

The Brain of my new pc


The memory


Nice looking mobo!


This cooler took AGES to install!! A nightmare if you don't know how to do it first time!


Installed in the mobo tray


Look at the size of that card!


No hard drives?


Old vs new


My legendary pc!! It has served me well for the past 5+ years. As you can see i modded it and cut out the side panel myself using a electric jigsaw


All up and running :)hows my cable management lol


All done..

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Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Nice! :smashin: I built my mate a i7 920 on the Asus 6T with 6Gb Corsair Dominator and a HD4870x2 last weekend, it was lovely. Its all housed in a P190 case (which like yours is a beast!) and running it to a Sasmung 24" TFT...

Deleted member 293381

Thanks. How much was the monster CPU cooler?

By the way, I like your anti-static mat - a dressing gown! :D


Thanks. How much was the monster CPU cooler?

By the way, I like your anti-static mat - a dressing gown! :D
lol that blue thing below the case? lol thats a blue towel

i didn't want to scratch my brand new case as i had it laying down on one of its sides at one point:smashin:

btw that cooler costs £35 but i had to buy the bolt-tru-kit for it to work with the i7 socket cpu which was ane xtra £7.

that cooler i got is the AMD version of it :rotfl:

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Sadly I only took a few pics, and all on my crappy phone camera (Samsung Tocu F480) as I cant find the recharger to my proper Sony camera :mad:

One pic here, and a few more in this post


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ahh ok cool. nice cable management. abit better then mine! i will re arange my cables alot better when i eventualy open it up again and put in an aditonal 3gb sticks in it

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