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May 16, 2004
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Can anyone recommend a cheap shop/website that offers the service converting already processed APS film into cd/dvd.

The companies i have looked at seem to only offer the service if you also want another set of prints.

I have a dozen or so holiday films that i would love to convert.

Hi Stevo

I cannot recommend a shop, But you can use a dedicated film scanner to scan the negs. The one I use is a canon 2700F it will cope with 35mm negs and slides plus APS when scanned in can be transferred to CD.
How do you get at the negative on a APS roll, it seems to be sealed within the roll.
How do you get at the negative on a APS roll, it seems to be sealed within the roll.

Not too sure about that.. All the scanner specs talk about an APS adaptor which would suggest that the negs have to be accessible.

Dedicated film scanners are good but the better ones are costly and need you to justify their purchase by having a fair no to do. I used the slide adaptor on a flatbed scanner a while ago and was underwhelmed , Had to get a film scanner which I was lucky to sell for little loss

Were you able to contact the co on the site I linked ? Im sure they would know a thing or 2 about what you are hoping to do
If anyone can help, I would like to know as well!

I have about 5 old stlye APS reels (the negatives are housed in a solid case that used to go in the camera!) from a trip to New York City from 2000, inclduing lots of the WTC.

I have tried to scan in the pictures but obviously they don't look good!

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