Neewer 7000 Mic not working


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My son got an Neewer NW 7000 mic for his Birthday and I am trying to set this up on his XBox One. Followed Instruction Manual (supposed to be plug-in and go), but no joy. Tried using it on a game and it is not picking-up any sound.

I've tried plugging the USB into various different UBS ports on the XBox, still nothing.

Wondering if I am missing something like 'setting-up an external microphone', or something else perhaps?



King Tones

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I don't think USB Mic's work with the Xbox One and they are for PC Only.


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As Tones said, I don’t think they work via usb natively although this suggeste an external mic (Yeti) work but it’s using the old analog jacks into the controller and then USB for power To the mic. They use a splitter to allow the headphones to be used along with the mic. I’m not familiar with the Neewer Mic but have a look for the old analog ports (headphone jacks) and you may touch lucky. Video below shows in detail.


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