Needs a new laptop, mine just died


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My laptop suddenly stopped working Sunday when I was using it and it now will not starts up, I swapped the hard drive over as I had a spare but it does nothing the screen is just blank.
I was more than happy the performance, it was about an 8 year old Toshiba Satellite L855-188 with an i7 3630QM processor, I had fitted an ssd which improved the starting up and was running windows 10. I liked the design of the Toshiba as it was easy to get to the fan to clean it out which seems to be needed regularly.
Things have obviously changed in the last 8 years so what will be of a similar performance. It will mainly be used for internet browsing, kids school work, which means office apps and playing the odd game. This is the only computer in the house so I really need to buy something in the next couple of weeks before school restarts. A stand lone pc isn't really an option as there isn't anywhere to put one. I don't want a mac or anything other than a windows (10) OS. Thanks.

What is your budget? £600 -£700 the old one cost £550 so a bit more than that

What size laptop do you want?

Standard laptops are usually 14" to 16"

Do you have resolution requirements?
Not really

What will you be using the laptop for?
Browsing, Word Processing, Watching video + streaming to xbox/tv to watch on bigger screen - the old on struggled with this

If you will be gaming, what games do you need to play?
None at the moment but eldest will probably want to do this at some point, she plays on tablet and xbox360/wii

How long does the battery need to last? Not really important, will spend most of it's life in the house.

Does it need to be portable?
As above just leaving it at home on a desk or on lap on the sofa in front of the TV

Do you require Blu-Ray? do they still have these, optical drive would be nice but

Do you require HDMI output?


Do you have a preferred brand?

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid?

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?

Any other details you feel necessary...

Windows 10, SSD or ssd and HDD at least 500Mb. The old one had a dedicated graphics AMD Radeon HD 7670M.

here is a link to the old one if this helps in any way TOSHIBA Satellite 15.6
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Here is just one of many choices: Asus Vivobook, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 14 Inch Notebook, S433FA-EB212T | Costco UK
A gen10 i5 will be substantially quicker than a gen3 i7 and the rest meets (or exceeds) your wants but for the SSD size - I struggled to fill my 256 with data as a FYI, but big capacity SD cards are cheap enough if you need more.
No optical drive onboard - that's typical of a modern laptop, but USB-powered external drives are easy to obtain and use.

Or this with an gen8 i7 and a bigger SSD. Lenovo Ideapad S540, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 14 inch Notebook, 81ND006PUK | Costco UK

If you aren't already a Costco member you'd need a £15 online subscription, or the prices are a bit higher. You get 2 years warranty and three months no-quibble return with Costco purchases.
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Thanks, I never thought of using a sdcard to add capacity but it's a viable option these days, I think I got a 64G for my phone for not much money.


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If anyone is interested I settled on an HP Pavilion 15-cs3009na from Johnlewis, it's out of stock now but it seems to be capable of meeting my needs. Currently in the process of removing the bloatware.


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There are lots of varying configurations and product numbers exclusive to specfic retailers. Presumably to get out of price matching.

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