Needing to buy HDMI cable & only just learned of different types. Advice please?


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To cut out the waffle, the devices connected to my TV will be:

Amazon FireStick 4K
Blu Ray player
Wii U
BT YouView box
I have a nVidia Shield Pro 2019 to connect up soon
And in the future I may or may not end up with a PS or Xbox. Haven't totally decided yet.

The distance between the devices and the TV connection will be anything from say 0.5mtr up to 2.0mtr max.
I thought HDMI cables were HDMI cables. Hop on eBay, search for the length you need and buy the cheapest you can find, job done. Only recently learned about HDMI 2.1 and the like.

Would any of those devices benefit from being connected by a better spec HDMI cable or are they not the type of devices that would benefit?

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Forget about cables which mention HDMI version numbers - any cable design which has been through the official certification program will fit within one of their Categories (see below).

If you have you the kit mentioned in your post and your existing cables are all working as required there is no need to change out any cables.

Ideally you want to use 2.0m cables - some devices do not like the very short (0.5m and 1.0m) cables.

All you need to know is here - HDMI Cables - Different Cable Types


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